1. Dress the Part

    We escaped the frigidness of New York for an LA Thanksgiving courtesy of my close friends Greta and Clare and their equally hospitable husbands. And while I, the fashion editor, stuffed a suitcase full of black clothing—including black leather leggings— from the likes of Isabel Marant, Nili Lotan, and Helmut Lang, as well as a Rebecca Taylor faux fur leopard print coat, my nine year old daughter took a much more practical and well thought out approach to packing. And so on Saturday when the mercury hit 80 degrees my daughter was able to put together the perfect ensemble for lunch on the terrace of the Soho House: A boys oxford from GapKids, pinstripe shorts from Crewcuts, and suede star embellished boots from Zef. My black tank top, skinny jeans, blazer and my own grown up version of embellished boots, may have looked cool but kept me far from it.


  2. She Wears It Well

    Last week my friend Clare Vivier, the designer of the uber chic handbag line, was in town from LA for NYC’s Fashion’s Night Out. She was appearing at Steven Alan’s party at his fabulous new Chelsea store—a must visit—among other fashionable pursuits. After 72 hours of nonstop nonsense, Clare curled up on our custom built-in kitchen bench for a much needed disco nap. She is wearing my Rick Owens black T-shirt dress (which technically is a shirt not a dress). Neither the dress nor our nook ever looked so good.

  3. Best invite ever to what’s certain to be the best party of the summer. Sad I can’t be thereand jealous of the lucky ones who can.


  4. Yo, Mamas

    Delivered to my email from my husband for Mother’s Day. Even better than the real thing.


  5. Pretty In Pink

    The chic elite were in fine form at tonight’s Met Ball, but what caught my eye were the notable touches of pink. It was the crowning glory of designer Chris Benz who went head to head with his arm candy, Julie Macklowe…

    Not to mention Coco Rocha in Vintage Givenchy.

    And everyone’s favorite new Girl, Lena Dunham, perfectly punctuated her emerald green number with a pair of Pepto pink pointy toe pumps. Seems when it comes to fashion, the fuchsia looks bright.

    (photos: wwd.com)


  6. Last night I was catching up on Paris Fashion Week and finally took a look at the Rick Owens show. At the same time my daughter excitedly thrust the new Barbie Collector catalog in my face with this doll, the Walking Suit Barbie, earmarked as the one topping her wish list. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose.


  7. I Marant More

    I just finished looking at the Isabel Marant Fall 2012 show and I kind of hate to admit, I was lusting after nearly every look that walked down the runway. I say hate to admit because I feel like I need to temper my addiction for Ms. Marant’s cool girl clothes, if for no other reason than to stop draining my bank account. But more to the point, shouldn’t a seasoned fashion fiend such as myself expand her wardrobe repertoire? Is it healthy (or chic) to be such a label junkie? Maybe not. But just one look at this rockin’ rhinestone cowboy suede dress and those insanely cool boots—which are poised to take the position of most covet-worthy IT shoe come Fall—and I know that this collection, like all her collections, is my drug. And like any addict I’ll be first in line to get my fix.


  8. Back in Black

    photo: fashionologie.com

    Recently—four weeks ago to be exact—I returned to the world of fashion magazines, stepping in for a fashion director who is on maternity leave. (Both she and the publication shall remain nameless. For now, anyway.) And while I have fully embraced this comeback—temporary as it may be— as a full-time fashion editrix, many of my mornings have been fraught with the stress of a serious fashion crisis. Dressing the part is fun, but I failed to remember  that doing it everyday can be exhausting. Especially when I live in fear of  rinsing and repeating a look, and in fact, strive to one up myself each day. So I was in full panic mode this morning because after nearly twenty something days I had few, if any, new style tricks up my sleeves. It seemed I had no other solution but to call in sick.

    As luck would have it though, I came across this picture of French Vogue editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt—one of my style icons—snapped recently during Milan fashion week. And leave it to this leader of the chic elite to talk me down of the ledge, so to speak, by reminding me, when in doubt, it’s best to go with what you know. Her effortlessly cool all black with a touch of grey ensemble is a street chic look that never fails. Not to mention, one that I can easily emulate. Sleek skinny black jeans? Check. Luxe leather blazer? Got that. Perfect grey tee? No problem. Pointy toe black pumps? Mais, bien sur! And while I have no shame in being a copy cat, I thought it best to bring some personal touches to this look by adding a pop of color with this purple suede tote, and finish it off with this antique silver plated skull necklace and a wishbone charm pendant, as a nod to my good luck. Which as it turned out was all that I needed to escape a clothing catastrophe. Well, that and some divine inspiration.


  9. Gone In Sixty Seconds

    A week or so ago I spotted this new version of the much coveted high top sneaker by Isabel Marant on the La Garconne website. I was instantly obsessed in that totally irrational fashion way, and was about to order them when I noticed the fine red print stating the expected arrival date was February 15th. In other words I couldn’t pull the trigger just yet. So I obsessively checked the website daily to monitor their status. Given I already own the black version of this sneaker from last season, I attempted to rationalize why I didn’t need another pair—even one I lusted for this much. But then the devil (who in my case wears Marant, not Prada) took a strong position on my other shoulder and reminded me that this multi-colored version was a totally different shoe. Plus, I wear my black ones so religiously they are naturally staritng to get a little worn around the edges. And on that note, isn’t the fact that I wear  them so much a reason to splurge, err, invest wisely, in another pair? Tough call, but at least I had close to a month to decide. Or so I thought.

    The other morning I returned from my spin class—where as it happens, I spotted a chic women wearing a pair of the Marant sneakers in last seasons’ lust worthy red white and blue combination—to find an email from La Garconne announcing that the new collection of Isabel Marant shoes were  available for pre-order. My just rested heart rate raced back up as I clicked the link. I would purchase now and ask questions later. Unbelievably, they had already sold out. It was 11:04 AM, and the the email landed in my in box at 10:56. I was totally crushed in that irrational fashion way and kicked myself for stopping for coffee on the way home. But it didn’t take me long to regroup and realize there is an Isabel Marant store close to me. Surely they will have the sneaker and surely they will have more stock. I made the call to the store (with yet another rush of adrenaline) and was informed by the lovely shop girl—who no doubt has a pair with her name on them— that the store had not received their shipment of the Willow sneaker, but she would add me to the wait list. I may have lost the battle but I hadn’t lost the war. Yet. But then is another sneaker that everyone is scrambling to get their hands on, something I really want?  Only time, and my place on the wait list will tell.


  10. Clutch and Go

    Mexico may be a alive with color—from the deep blue sea to brightly painted buildings to the boldly hued local blankets, baubles and beach bags—but the latest addition to my Clare Vivier collection fits right in. This animal printed leather flat clutch with a neon pink zipper has been my go-to bag since touching down in Sayulita nine days ago. We take off for LA—where all of Clare’s chic carryalls are made—tomorrow, and eventually back to NYC, but I won’t be letting go of this luxe leather sac anytime soon.


  11. Back to the Future

    Winter has barely hit her stride—actually it officially begins today—but the 2012 pre-Fall shows are already in full swing.  We all know that fashion is always a few steps ahead but it still never ceases to take me by surprise, at least for a moment. As I was perusing the designers’ offerings, I was struck by one show in particular: Theyskens’ Theory. Once again the Belgian Boy wonder has created a covetable collection of clothes for cool girls. And this one look in particular had me lusting in my boots. (Well, technically my flip flops as I am in Mexico at the moment.) This street chic look of a perfect black blazer, T-shirt, and leather pants is an absolute must-have for me. (And if only I could buy that model’s laid-back cool.) Of course, I already own two pair of leather pants, numerous black T-shirts and, even a Theyskens’ Theory black jacket from Spring 2011. But next to this, they just don’t cut it— except maybe for the jacket. Which means either fashion—and specifically Olivier Theyskens—is doing its job by creating an on-going desire for the new, even when it’s similar to the old we already own, or I’m just easily seduced. Most likely, it’s a little of both.


  12. Better off Red

    (from my Wink blog this past Monday. Clearly Katie Holmes has good taste as she knows a chic bag when she sees one. Welcome to the cult of Clare Vivier, Katie.)

    This past week, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were snapped several times entering and exiting The Greenwich Hotel in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood, which as it  happens is home to yours truly—the hood, not the hotel. Of course each time she emerged, the trendsetting Mrs. Cruise was dressed in something super chic, and while the clothes changed considerably—after all, within 36 hours the weather went  from balmy to blustery—there was one constant: Clare Vivier’s sumptuous suede messenger bag in a ravishing red—a hue that is not only hot for Fall/Winter, but is particularly festive this time of year.

    On this particular chilly afternoon she rocked this covet worthy carryall with a luxe white chunky knit sweater, skinny black jeans, knee high Isabel Marant boots and the number one staple to the stars, chic dark sunglasses. To get this pitch perfect look, start with the the bag which will become your go-to sac, and will add the perfect pop of color to any ensemble. Next, pull on a cozy patterned wool sweater, a sleek skinny black jean and a downtown cool knee high flat boot or one with a wedge. Finish the look with a pair of classic black Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Securing a hot Hollywood actor as arm candy is also strongly suggested. Although that may prove to be a bit of a mission impossible.

  13. seevivier:

    CV by MB.

    (Source: clarevivier)


  14. The other day I popped by the Wink offices cum studio because they were shooting the Spring 2012 collection—which is filled with super cute pieces—as well as a few new pics for the blog, which, yours truly pens daily.  I decided to take a few snaps myself and thought I would share them.




    But I still don’t have the pants.


  15. Pop Culture

    I am all about giving credit where credit is due—after all, I am a stand up kind of girl. But I have, on occasion, been guilty of staking claim—in my own mind—for setting a trend. Such was the case recently when I was in Paris. It was there that I debuted a new gray knit hat with neon pink accents by Mischa Lampert and a neon pink leather belt given to me by my friend, the uber cool and chic handbag designer Clare Vivier. Seems I was so seduced by this shock of color—which we all know has been in and out of fashion for years—I somehow believed I was solely responsible for the next neon revival. Of course, everyone also knows by now that these high wattage hues have been on the rise since last Spring, and have shown up on all sorts of accessories from shoes, to bags, to scarves to bling. And this reality check was brought home—uh, literally—when I returned to New York to find my friend, the owner of the chic New York City boutiques Wink, sporting an electric neon pink bag by The Cambridge Satchel Company—they had just arrived at her stores. Still riding my pretty in neon pink in Paris high, I was immediately obsessed with this classic school girl sac in a full wattage flourescent leather. And clearly my infatuation was palatable, as a few days later she hand delivered one to me.