1. Walk a mile in these shoes? How about 3.26

    A couple of nights ago two really cool friends of mine, Alison and Lisa, took me to dinner at the Breslin, the restaurant in New York’s Ace Hotel. As I’ve mentioned before, I am addicted to high heels (specifically wedges and platforms) but since I left my magazine job I have been favoring flats—the better choice for school drop offs and pick ups, park play dates, etc. To ease my withdrawal from being tall—and keep my coveted heels from collecting dust on the shelf— I make it a point to wear a pair nearly every evening I go out. 

    This night was no different, and so I decided to break in these Pierre Hardy for Gap denim wedges that I purchased in May. (I’m a big fan of The Pierre Hardy and Gap collaboration and this is the third summer I’ve purchased a pair from the collection.) The 5 1/2- inch heel was no problem partly because of the 2-inch platform, but mostly because I’m somewhat of a seasoned high heel stroller. So I effortlessly navigated our cobblestone street and hailed a cab at the corner.

    After a perfectly chilled martini, some white wine, market salad, and summer veal stew—all of which were delicious—it was time to end this flawless evening. Alison was walking to her next destination, a surprise party on lower 5th Ave, and Lisa suggested we join her. No problem, I thought. It’s only 12 blocks. After parting ways with Alison at the corner of 5th Ave and 17th street, I naturally turned to get a cab. That’s when Lisa suggested we continue the walk home. I paused and thought about my feet for the first time since we left the restaurant, which was a good sign as not thinking about them meant they didn’t hurt—and they didn’t.  And so we marched on. And on. And on.

    When I arrived home the only body part bothering me was my bladder which was bursting from the night’s libations. My feet, on the other hand, were completely pain free. That says a lot about a pair of $98, 5 1/2- inch wedges after thier maiden voyage. Perhaps they will even make it to the playground.

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